Safety Management & Resource Technology

Delivering full turn-key construction safety management solutions for your business

Safety Management System Development

How does your system measure up?

We perform a complete analysis of safety systems to determine the baseline of performance, focused on identifying gaps and documenting improvement areas, providing recommendations and executing improvement strategies.

This process can be completed with companies that have existing or non-existing safety management systems in place. We build industry leading turn-key safety programs that exceed legislative and industry standards including meeting the criteria defined within the COR requirements.

Our Involvement

Management system analysis through the following steps:

Step 1

A GAP analysis is performed on:

  • Written management program against leading standards
  • Program implementation
  • Communication systems
  • Training and documentation compliance
  • Continuous improvement plan

Step 2

Provision of a written report identifying the resulting scores and providing a comparison against the national standard for all system elements, as well as explanation of all results.

Step 3

Provide a step-by-step continuous improvement plan to meet or exceed the system deficiencies in priority sequence.