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We deliver real value to construction employers by providing the best in construction safety management combined with our Target-0™ process that has been proven to minimize loss potential in the workplace.

With over 25 years of construction safety experience in both consulting and management roles, we realized the need for safety management services for companies of all sizes. These companies do not require a full time safety manager but can benefit from the assistance of a highly experienced safety professional. We become part of your organization to effectively develop, implement and integrate all aspects of your safety management system that is specifically designed to create a culture of safety throughout your business.

Our goal is to fill the gap that lies between companies with full time safety management staff and companies that use safety consultants with little or no safety management experience. Having a highly experienced safety management team, led by true safety professionals (CRSP’s), will ensure that a proper and effective management system will be reflective of the needs and demands appropriate to your business.

Sylaris Inc

Revolutionizing the Industry

Introducing the first ever online Training & Documentation Management System. Sylaris Inc. provides a secure virtual storehouse for construction industry health & safety records & documents. Integrating Sylaris’ online system helps companies improve their efficiency.

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