Safety Management & Resource Technology

Delivering full turn-key construction safety management solutions for your business

Smart – COR Certification

Who We Are

With over 25 years of leading management we bring an entirely new approach of safety management to the construction sector. We are not consultants, but rather a team of certification experts that will position ourselves within your company acting as your ‘in-house’ safety leaders. The way to successfully achieve a safety standard is to create a strong culture of safety that can only be done with proper expertise, leadership and commitment.

‘Our record speaks for itself, to date we have successfully achieved 100% success for all clientele. What is a safety management system (SMS)?
A comprehensive management system designed to manage safety elements in the workplace. It includes policy, objectives, plans, procedures, organization, responsibilities and other measures. The SMS is used in industries that manage significant safety risks in all workplace industries.

Basic Accreditation Steps

Enroll the Health & Safety Auditor in the required courses
Submit application form to certifying body
Smart-COR facilitates improved safety management system to meet
COR 2020, ISO 455001:2018 & SOSE standards
Prepare and submit audit
Schedule the audit with the certifying body
Complete verification audit for the standard chosen

Our Services

By using our Align -> Plan -> Execute model we integrate within your business to determine what your needs are, plan on how we are going to meet and fulfill those needs and ultimately execute the strategies to achieve safety certification.

“Safety Management BY Safety Managers”

Only by integrating one of our experienced safety professionals within your company acting as your ‘in-house’ safety manager can we improve your management system resulting in an improved safety culture. With your designated safety representative we will ensure continuity and consistency of communication systems throughout all levels of the organization.

Gap Analysis

Analyze and critique your current management system and compare it to the safety standard of your choice and its defined requirements.


Provide a written report/score card that explains your current standing as it relates to the standard, and provides you with a ‘baseline of performance’.


Plan agreed upon improvement strategies to meet or exceed the system deficiencies in priority sequence.


Develop, Implement and communicate the necessary standards throughout the organization.


Ensure the continuous monitoring and management of the achieved safety standard, including all future audit preparation.


Our record speaks for itself, to date we have successfully achieved accreditation for all clientele